About us

Halma Packaging began as a small family business in 2001. Since then we have expanded into an international player in the packaging branch. Halma is part of the PACOMBI GROUP.

As a wholesaler, importer and master distributor of packaging and disposables we supply innovative packaging solutions to widely diverse sectors. Our clients include food service and retail organisations, industrial bakeries, airlines and caterers.
Our expertise, quality and flexibility combined with our product and production independence make us unique in the packaging branch. We do not manufacture ourselves. Instead we utilise a number of sources so that you always profit from the best terms and conditions.

Creative packaging solutions

Our open and honest way of doing business forms the basis for long-term relationships. We put our clients’ wishes first, think along with our clients and have a service-oriented approach. This makes us very good at finding fitting functional and creative solutions for all manner of packaging problems and requirements.

Leading the way in the packaging market

The abundance of packaging options available to today’s companies and consumers means that enticement and appeal play a major role in the purchasing decision. Our mission is to, together with our clients, lead the way in the packaging market by offering packaging solutions that are both enticing and functional. Most of our packaging is made-to-measure and stands out by being creative and, at the same time, innovative and professional.

Our core values