Are you looking for a packaging with a special functionality or look? We will think along with you. By combining your wishes with our knowledge of the packaging market we always find a fitting and unique solution. We will design and develop the best packaging for your product and help you with advice regarding materials.

blisterverpakkingenBlister packaging

We offer a wide range of blister packaging for presenting all kinds of products, including clamshell blisters, tray-lid variations and interiors. Thermoformed plastic packaging is available in various materials including OPS, PET and R-PET.


halma taartdozen en gebaksdozenTart boxes and cake boxes

Your tarts and cakes will look their best in our food-safe tart and cake boxes in different types of cardboard. Opt for a beautiful cake box with a window, a folded transparent packaging or a glued box with a closing flap. We make the packing especially for you in the size you want and printed with your own design.

halma-taartdozen-en-gebaksdozen-kl Trays

Halma offers an exceptionally wide range of plastic, aluminium and cardboard trays, cups, containers and dishes in every imaginable shape and for many applications. Think about oven-proof baking trays and dishes, cardboard containers, muffin cups and wraps, meal containers and much, much more. All available in your own house-style.

draagtassen en vensterzakkenCarrier bags and window bags

Whether you’re looking for T-shirt bags or deluxe designer carrier bags with cord handles, bread bags or plastic bags with or without micro perforations you’ll find them at Halma. We supply paper and plastic carrier bags and window bags in all kinds of material, including Kraft, ersatz, HDPE and OPP. And when it comes to window bags the window can be positioned anywhere and we can print everything with your own design.

drinkbekers en sauspottenDrinks cups and sauce pots

You can come to us for coffee cups and for cardboard and plastic cups printed with your own design. We supply cardboard cups with made-to-measure printing in up to six colours. Our PP, PLA, PET and PS plastic pots with lids are ideal for packaging products such as sauces.

Another type of packaging?

Whatever the packaging you are looking for we will be delighted to think along with you. Ask us your question and we will always find a suitable solution for your packaging need or problem.